Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey, y'all, would you please get up 'offen' Mel Gibson's ass? It's a free country if one can exclude that simple minded BS called political correctness. Who among us has not gotten Sh--t faced at one time or another and said things we didn't mean? Jessie Jackson with "Hymie town?" And Jessie wasn't even drunk, and I'm sure what he said was simply BS among friends.

Lord, hand me down a biscuit!!!


Jenn of the Jungle said...

I've said plenty of crap I didn't mean when intoxicated.

Mando said...

Alcohol often brings out people's true nature by decreasing inhibitions.

Mad Max = Mad Mel.

Celebs are freaks. Fame does that. (So does Scientology.)

Andrew said...

The first rational analysis of the "Gibson incident" that I have seen.


Don Radlauer said...

I'm afraid I must beg to differ. People who are not anti-Semites don't suddenly become anti-Semites when drunk. Nor do people with other prejudices suddenly become bigots when they've had a few too many. Nor do genuinely loving husbands hit their wives when they get drunk.

The truth is that people who are normally smart and controlled enough to hide their anti-Semitism or other bigotry may lose their capacity for restraint when they get plastered, just as guys with a repressed tendency to violence will often begin acting out under the influence.

Alcohol is, after all, a drug that reduces inhibitions, not a hallucinogen. It doesn't create attitudes that didn't already exist. If a drunk Mel Gibson is an anti-Semite, then so is a sober Mel Gibson.

LarryFugett said...

There's nobody squeaky freaking innocent in this world, Bubba,... er Don, not even the one on the cross. You can sit back, cast your stones and look holier-than-thou with that little hand steeple beneath your chin but the fact is you're probably more bigoted than most.I quote from your post: "...controlled enough to hide their anti-Semitism or other bigotry..." What are you hiding and should I send Jessie a memo?