Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Daddy Was The Black Dahlia Killer by Janice Knowlton.
The basis for this book is Ms. Knowlton's repressed memories of having seen her Father kill Elizabeth Short, among others. According to her recovered memories, her father's libido was gargantuan. He raped it if it moved and killed it if it wouldn't, male and female.

She readily admits to major emotional problems after her Dr. performed an unneeded hysterectomy, which she purports to be the catalyst for recovering her lost memory years after her father's death. I know nothing of her medical history nor of the veracity of her claims about memory loss. I do know, however, that she presents no facts to substantiate her claim that George Knowlton killed the Black Dahlia.

I would suggest that her repressed memories are more commonly called Imagination
The book gets one star for that Imagination and two stars for Michael Newton's writing ability.

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