Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Childhood Shadows: The Hidden Story of the Black Dahlia Murder.
Mary Pacios, the author, was a childhood friend of Elizabeth Short, though Mary was many years younger. Throughout the book, one gets the feeling that Mary idolized Elizabeth, much as a younger sibling would idolize an older brother or sister who was held in high esteem for an admirable characteristic or other. In this case it was Elizabeth’s grace and beauty and, of course, her kindness toward Mary.

Mary repays that kindness with loving remembrances of Elizabeth.

However, Mary does not have a clue as to who killed her childhood friend. She points toward a well-known movie actor/director with the flimsiest of circumstance as nexus.

Mary gets two stars for a well-written book, and one star for having the audacity to imply that this great actor/director was possibly the killer. After all, this implication did sell her book. I bought it.****

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