Saturday, August 06, 2005

SEVERED, John Gilmore’s account of the Black Dahlia Murder is the most plausible of the four books that I have now read, not that any of them actually came up with irrefutable evidence.

Gilmore’s culprit is a despicable character who had a rap sheet five pages long, entailing everything from drunkenness to theft to sodomy. The culprit was a 6 foot 4 inch cross dresser who looked more like the bride of Frankenstein than one of the boy/girls out on the Sunset Strip.

The big pause to Gilmore’s flow is the fact that this individual died in a hotel fire before LA detectives could put a loop on him. But, of course, “chit” like that sometimes happens.

A very intriguing fact about this individual is that he was born in Canton, Ohio, and he was in Cleveland, Ohio during some of the infamous Torso Murders. Could he have served an apprenticeship, learned the ways of the butcher knife? A butcher by the same name was on Eliot Ness’ cuddle list.

SEVERED is a good read. I give it four stars for Gilmore’s work and three stars for a plausible suspect.


Babz said...

The Black Dahlia murder has always intrigued me, but I have found very few other people interested in it like I am.

LarryFugett said...

Babz, the reason the Dahlia is so intriguing is that the case has never been solved. And,Of course, the manner in which she was killed is so horrific that it boggles the mind to try and understand the kind of personality it would take to do something like this to another human being.

Thanks for the post. Have a great return to school*** I could have gone on all day without saying that, huh**

Punk Parent said...

Sounds like a good book I'll have to try and find it on the cheep.

MontiLee said...

I lurve the Black Dahlia case. I've been interested in it since seeing the website about 3 years agi, even read the teary-eyes account "Daddy Was The Black Dahlia Killer" - a little dry and full of post theraputic trauma.

I read about Gilmore's book when, what was it, ABC or 48 Hours did a show on it.

Thanks for the heads up.